"Reg has just become such a great way to wake up every Sunday morning. I always get something different out of each show. Whether it's a new artist, event, or store, he's always really confident about what he's supporting."
- Allegra Fasshauer, RCH listener

This Week's Playlist:
WRAX Birmingham

Jim Noir
Eanie Meany

Anne McCue
Bright Light Of Day

Pete Yorn
Ice Age

Pete Yorn
Rooftop (live)

Jay Bennett
Thank You

Eliot Morris
No One Has To Know

Stoll Vaughn
Man That Cares

Solomon Burke
That’s How I Got To Memphis

Kings Of Convenience
Know How

Sandi Thom
When Horsepower Meant What It Said

Citizen Cope
All Dressed Up

Shawn Colvin
Fill Me Up

Joseph Arthur
You Are Free


On No! Oh My!
Walk In The Park

The White Buffalo
Where Dirt And Water Collide

Wild Sweet Orange
Seeing And Believing

John Mayer
I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)

The Damnwells
Keep A Little Organ

Matthew Perryman Jones
All The Kings Horses

Peter Walker
Talk To You

Not California

Ryan Kinder
Tomorrow’s Yesterday (Reg’s Coffee House Live)

Ryan Kinder
Heart (Reg’s Coffee House Live)

Ryan Kinder
Can’t Stay Quiet (Reg’s Coffee House Live)

Alexi Murdoch
Love You More

What Made Milwaukee Famous

Jeremy Lister
Half Of Me

August 23, 2006

The Damnwells kick ass! I could end this rant right there and be completely satisfied with my synopsis because it sums up all you need to know in 4 simple words. Ill say it again, The Damnwells kick ass! They kick it like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, they kick it like Cheap Trick, they kick it like The Replacements.they seriously kick ass.

Their new CD, Air Stereo (Rounder) is a staunch reminder that guitar rock lives and breathes whether radio, TV, print or whatever gives a damn. Alex Dezen is a lyrical poet with a voice that always seems to find the right tone and emotion to match the brilliance of his words, Dave Chernis is the guitar player that every band wishes they had and Ted Hudson and Steven Terry provide a rhythm section that is tighter than the nappy curls on my head.

If Dezens lyrics cant make you feel, then you are one seriously dark hearted fiend. This guys throwaway songs are better than 75% of the songs I hear out there. The first time I heard this band was on a disc that a friend sent me with no art, no song titles, nothing but The Damnwells written on the CD. One listen and I was a fan. I even started playing it on my show without knowing a thing about it. I believe I made up the titles to the songs because I had no clue, but I didnt care because the music was so damn good.

I even remember the verse to H.C.E. that bonked me over the head.

You say I look like someone you know. Some scars, they are, just for show.

I never kissed a boy but I hit a girl. You could get in big, big trouble, she said, in the real world.

Dezen uses the pen like a rapier to carve little bits out of your heart and soul. Well, at least the old Dezen did. On Air Stereo a kinder, gentler songwriter emerges. Im not saying he has gone soft. On the contrary, his new found happiness kills you with kindness, hope and wonder.

On the Fleetwood Mac-esque single Glory Days, Dezen confidently proposes Am I in tune? Yeah I cant hear much but the melody coming from you. Baby, please dont rush, keep the tempo slow and blue. Let me hear the words you say. Lets go and get tangled in chains of golden days. I could have sworn Buckingham, Nicks and McVie were coming out of my speakers. Stopped me in my tracks.

Then there is Louisville, as gorgeous a song as you will ever hear. I get homesick and lovesick every time I listen to it.

Heartbreaklist is as good a song as Petty has written in decades. Kung Fu Grip Kiss puts the L in love song. Accidental Man and I Am A Leaver rock with Replacements aplomb And, Keep A Little Organ reminds me why guitar rock will always rule!

I could go on and on. You, well you should go to myspace.com/thedamnwells and do a little sampling or better yet, go out and purchase PMR +1, Bastards Of The Beat and Air Stereo.

Then, you too will agree, The Damnwells kick ass


Week of 8/23/06
Brett Dennen Shes Mine
Shawn Colvin Summer Dress
Paolo Nutini Last Request
Amos Lee Shout Out Loud
Chris Thile Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
Joshua Radin And Schuler Fisk Paperweight
Kasey Chambers Nothing At All
Greg Laswell Amazed (acoustic)
Pete Yorn Alive
Citizen Cope Brother Lee
Mat Kearney Nothing Left To Lose (Regs Coffee House Live)
Edie Brickell New Bohemians Buffalo Ghost
Michael Franti And Spearhead Time To Go Home

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